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Spinach Ricotta Nuggets

spinach ricotta nuggets 5

As you know, I’m always on the hunt for new ways to make food healthy AND good at the same time for my little toddler. I’ll have to say, I’ve done pretty well so far, but I have my moments. You know, the moments when your toddler couldn’t get enough of one food, so you […]

Perfect Fall Finger Food – Roasted Cinnamon Apples

roasted apple salad-4

Roasted apples are the best finger food. And one of the healthiest around. Not only does Oliver love it, I love it too. I even chopped it up and put it into a green salad with balsamic dressing. It’s easy. It’s amazing. Did I mention there’s no added sugar? Yup,  just fresh sweet apples sprinkled […]

5 Favorite Snacks for Toddlers

MYHO 5 favorite toddler snacks

I’m always racking my brain for new and healthy snacks to give to my son. It’s easy to fall into the same food everyday category. Here’s a list of five of my favorite snacks that I like to alternate. Most of it, besides the yogurt, is finger food.     1.  Applesauce and whole-wheat crackers, […]

Peach & Raspberry Mash-up

peach and raspberry baby food

Berries and peaches are in season and what better way to introduce them fresh and in season to my son Oliver. He’s had them in a jar before, but you can’t beat fresh this time of year. I used an extra-ripe and soft peach, peeled the skin using a sharp knife and cut it into […]

Blueberry, Pear & Sweet Potato Purée

blueberry, pear, and sweet potato puree

I try my best to make most of Oliver’s food, but I’m definitely by no means a  supermom. Let’s be real, sometimes I need a little help. When I’m in a time crunch, especially in the case when we’re on the go, I grab for a pre-packaged baby food. Oliver loves Plum’s baby food pouch, […]

Strawberry & Banana Puree

strawberry and banana puree

Oliver loves this combo. I like to stir it into his cereal in the morning. It’s also great stirred into plain yogurt. This recipe is completely fresh, I skin the strawberries, to remove the outer layer of seeds, chop them up and blend them with a fresh banana in a food processor until smooth.   […]

Baby Banana Bread (no sugar, no eggs!)

baby banana bread

  I was in the baking mood when I came up with this little banana bread. I searched through my baby cookbooks and online for an eggless and sugarless banana bread, but found nothing. Many had no eggs in it, but it was the extra sugar that seemed to be in every recipe. I found […]

Banana & Cinnamon Oats


Beets & Blueberry Mash

beets and blueberries

Blueberries and beets cooked together then pureed comes out to a gorgeous deep magenta color. Not to mention it’s packed with some of the best nutrients for your baby. I like to mix this with Oliver’s oat cereal in the morning. It has the perfect amount of sweetness.   Beets & Blueberry Mash 2 medium […]

Homemade Oat Cereal


  You can easily make your own baby cereal by pulsing old fashioned rolled oats into a food processor until it is a finer grain, then cook them as you would normally do for your baby (with water, formula, breastmilk, or juice).