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Perfect Fall Finger Food – Roasted Cinnamon Apples

roasted apple salad-4

Roasted apples are the best finger food. And one of the healthiest around. Not only does Oliver love it, I love it too. I even chopped it up and put it into a green salad with balsamic dressing. It’s easy. It’s amazing. Did I mention there’s no added sugar? Yup,  just fresh sweet apples sprinkled […]

Blueberry-Apple Puree

Blueberry apple puree

Oliver loves this combination of cooked apples and blueberries. It’s the perfect duo. For babies 6 months and up. Blueberry-Apple Puree – leftovers can be frozen. 1 cup fresh, or frozen organic blueberries, rinsed well 3 medium organic apples (I like fuji apples), cored and sliced into quarters Place fruit into a small sauce pan […]

Spinach, Sweet Potato & Apple Puree

Spinach, apple and sweet potato mash

Spinach, Sweet Potato & Apple Puree 2 small organic sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into cubes 2 cups fresh organic spinach leaves, rinsed well 1 cup organic apple juice water

Sweet Potato & Apple Mash

sweet potato puree

This was one of the first foods I started Oliver on. Sweet potatoes are a wonderful first food and babies seem to love them. Mixed his with apples and it’s just hard to beat. For babies 6 months and up. Sweet Potato & Apple Mash – Leftovers can be frozen. 2 small organic sweet potatoes, […]

Apple, Apricot & Peach Mash

Good for 6 months and up. Apple, Apricot & Peach Mash – leftovers can be frozen Ingredients 1 organic apple, core removed 3 organic apricots, pits removed 2 organic peach, pit removed Directions Cut apples, peaches and apricots into quarters and place into a medium pot filled with 1/3 of water. Bring to a boil […]