Fall Kid Craft #1 – Painted Pinecones

Fall Kid Craft Painted Pinecones

We are so ready for Fall and the cooler temperatures that come with it. I thought if we did some Fall crafts, it would make it come sooner, or at least make it feel like it is already here. My sister and kids came over on Labor Day for a little family fun time. We went for a nice walk and had the kids go on a pinecone hunt for this craft. It’s a great way to get in some exercise with children, by turning it into a game they can enjoy. Usually we go rock and stick hunting with Oliver, when it’s just our little family.

oliver painting pinecones 1

The kids collected a nice size bag of pinecones that we brought back home and spread out over newspaper laid on the table. Each kid got their choice of paint colors, a paint brush, and then went to town painting pinecones. Oliver painted a couple, then got distracted and started painting the newspaper instead. He’s my little Picasso, I should have known better. But my nieces were rock stars with this craft. Some pine cones were rolled in paint, others were painted with paint brushes in all different colors. I tried to stick with the theme of Fall colors like red, orange, yellow, green, even some metallic gold, but some pinks and blues got mixed in there too (ha!)…and I LOVED it.

oliver painting pinecones 2

What I love about kid crafts is that they are so forgiving and don’t have to be perfect or too serious. Just let them have fun with it.

oliver painting pinecones 3

Fall Kid Craft Painted Pinecones 1

They came out better than I could have imagined. I think I’ll keep this one in the books as one of our new Fall traditions.

What You’ll Need:  We used acrylic paint for this project because it is more opaque than finger paint, but it depends on your preference and whether or not your child is old enough to be trusted to not “eat” the paint.

Acrylic paint or finger paint, in Fall colors (oranges, reds, yellows, light greens, browns, metallic gold)

Paint brush or foam brush

Newspaper or paper bags for lining/protecting working surface (Helpful tip: I tape paper down with painter’s tape so it does move around)

Pine cones, either collected outside from a hunt, or purchased at a craft store

*Optional – after painting is done and not quite dry yet, sprinkle on some glitter in color of your choice.


Paint as much or as little as you want. Let the pinecones air dry, and then place them into a decorative bowl for display. Such a fun and festive Fall look.




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