Spider PB&J

pb&j spider

My toddler is now at an age where packing silly things in his lunch box is fun, even with his picky-eater status.  I saw a version of this on Pinterest and immediately got into the kitchen to try it out. I love turning this classic PB&J sandwich into a creepy crawly critter.

For a savory version of this, make a pita hummus sandwich and use thin celery sticks as legs and black olives for the eyes.

pb&j spider1

pb&j spider2



Assemble a peanut butter and jelly sandwich using a soft sandwich bread. Take a biscuit cutter or pint glass and cut out a circle in the center of the sandwich.  Add 4 pretzel sticks to each side for the spider legs.  Add two raisins for the eyes (chocolate chips work as well) and serve.  My kids can eat an entire PB&J sandwich so I cut the extra pieces of sandwich into sticks and put that in their lunches as well.

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