Sweet Potato Pumpkin

pumpkin sweet potatoes 2

What better way to celebrate Autumn then by transforming one of my favorite side dishes, mashed sweet potatoes, into a festive pumpkin.

Add some savory extras to create a stem and jack-o-lantern face. Here I used black olives for eyes, a green bean and parsley for the stem and stump.

pumpkin sweet potatoes

Prepare mashed sweet potatoes as you normally would (I just boiled mine and mashed them with a little butter). Spoon them into a zip-lock bag, and snip a half an inch of the end.


pumpkin sweet potatoes 1

Pipe a small mound of sweet potatoes onto a plate and add cut pieces of black olives for a pumpkin face, green bean for the stump and parsley for the stems. Capers would work nicely for the eyes and nose too.

sweet potatoe pumpkins




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