6 Fun Summer Activities for Kids

mash post june

It’s summer. Yay!! Usually that means a lot of pool time, barbecues, picnics and vacations. But sometimes your little tot needs more to fill his day with. Here’s a list of some favorite past-times to get through this Summer heat.


1. Pool time!! – Pool and kids should always always always be monitored by an adult.

2. Water Splash Parks – Most cities have them, and kids love them. Best part, some are even free!

3. Water-balloon fights – good wholesome fun.

4. Water-guns! – This is another fun way to cool off.

5. Sidewalk chalk – It’s inexpensive and a great way to let your tot doodle and be creative. Best part, it washes right off with water!

6. Have a camp-out in your backyard – It can be a slumber party with friends or just your kiddos getting a feel of what it’s like to experience sleeping under a tent, outdoors.




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