Mini Gift Advent Calendar


My friend Monica sent Oliver this mini gift advent calendar and I can’t wait for December first to come so he can open his first mini gift!

Here’s what she did to make this mini gift advent calendar quick and easy. What a fun holiday gift for the little one’s in your life!

mini gift advent calendar

Party City has hundreds of bins filled with small party favors and candies individually priced from $0.07 – $1.00.  Pick out 25 little toys and pieces of candy.
Hint: If you’re shopping for more than one child, it helps to make a chart for boys and girls and the number of items picked for each one just to keep track!
Lay out the toys/candies and organize them in order from 1-25.  I would suggest spacing out the candies to every few days.
mini gift advent calendar
Wrap and mark each days’ gift with a number and voila small gift advent calendar!
I’m thinking about hiding each days gift to make it a little treasure hunt for Oliver. He loves looking for treasure. :)
Thank you, Monica!


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