Kids Thanksgiving Table

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Once kids start to understand different holidays and traditions, it makes preparing for them that much more fun. This year I wanted to put together a kids table for my boys, cousins and my nieces that will be coming over for Thanksgiving. I wanted a legit kids Thanksgiving table, yet as playful as can be with activities to keep them from getting bored while the adults go for second helpings.

This table came together better than I could have imagined it, with items I’m sure every mama will have on hand.


What you need to get started:

Brown paper grocery bags

Construction paper


A small mason jar



Black marker


First make a turkey body out of brown construction paper, using a cup for tracing the circle body and another smaller object to trace a circle for the head (like a quarter) – or just draw it by hand. Then draw turkey legs and a beak on orange construction paper and cut them out. Tape the head to the body from the back side and use a glue stick to glue on the legs, beak and red goblet (cut from red construction paper). Make the face final with two black dots for the eyes using a marker.


To make the turkey feather crayon “quills,” start with a 3″ strip of construction paper. Fold paper in half and cut a shape as if you were making a paper heart, except leave a tail at the end, about 1 to 1 1/2 inches long.

To Kids-thanksgiving-table4 Kids-thanksgiving-table 5

And then, keeping paper folded, cut thin strips in a diagonal all the way to the tip of the feather.

Kids-thanksgiving-table 3

Draw on a feather line with a marker or crayon.

Kids-thanksgiving-table 2

Tape the feather tail to color coordinating crayons. Wrap tape completely around the crayon and tail of feather to ensure its nice and sturdy. This also helps reinforce the spine of the feather so it doesn’t go floppy on you.

Kids-thanksgiving-table 1

Tape turkey on the mason jar using double-sided tape and place all of your crayon feathers into the jar for one adorable centerpiece.


For the placemats, cut brown paper bags into a mini placemat size (size according to table being used, we had this on a kids table, so they were about half the size of a normal placemat for reference). Use a round object, like a bowl or small plate to trace a “Plate” in the center of your placemat. Then use a spoon to trace silverware on, leaving the top open for the fork, and just hand draw in the fork part. Kids can color the placemats AND eat on them (not literally, but with a plate on top).

kids-thanksgiving-table 9

So fun and so EASY! Your kids will love it.

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