Halloween Toilet Paper Roll

Halloween tee pee

When I think of decorating a house with toilet paper for Halloween, I usually picture the outside of an old neighbor’s house after a wild party back in my college days.


How the times have changed…

This is a super-easy craft to do with kids and I’m pretty sure you probably have most, if not all of the supplies in your home too (I don’t know about you, but I have a toilet paper stockpile worthy of a bomb shelter). The beauty of these festive toilet paper rolls is that they can go back to their original purpose after the holiday (tear open in case of an emergency…mmmkay?).

And you don’t have to avoid your neighbors for the next month either.

Now I’ll go back to being a responsible adult who decorates rolls of toilet paper while their kids nap, instead of throwing them over my neighbor’s tree.

Because that’s how I roll (Ha!).

Halloween tee pee 1

Halloween tee pee 2

Halloween tee pee 3

Halloween tee pee 4

Halloween tee pee 5

Halloween tee pee



Toilet paper roll

Tissue paper in the following colors: orange and green

Black construction paper

Craft glue


Cut black construction paper into shapes for eyes and mouths for the characters.  I’d recommend preparing the construction paper shapes ahead of time so that you don’t have kids fighting over who gets to use the scissors.

Lay out the construction paper on a clean work surface.  Place the toilet paper roll in the center of the tissue paper and gather all of the corners into the center of the roll.  Stuff the ends of the tissue paper into the roll so the tissue paper is secured to the roll.  To complete the jack-o-lantern, use a small square of green tissue paper to make a stem.

Next glue the eyes and mouth to the side of the paper roll.


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