Grilled Cheese Sliders

grilled cheese sliders

It’s starting to get a chill outside that is undeniably Fall, bordering Winter. I can’t help going straight to comfort food this time of year. And now that my picky-eating-toddler is now trying new things, willingly(!!) I’m having more fun being more creative with what I put on the table. Like these warm cheesy grilled cheese sliders stuffed with thin slices of dill pickles. Grilled cheese is the food equivalent of a warm hug and what kid doesn’t like warm hugs, or cheese for that matter.

grilled cheese sliders 1







Honey Wheat Kings Hawaiian rolls, sliced in half

Sliced cheese (Sharp cheddar cheese)

Garlic powder


Thinly sliced dill pickles



Cut the rolls in half and slice the cheddar slices into quarters.

In a frying pan, melt a thin slice of butter.  Place the sliced rolls face down until lightly toasted.  Flip the rolls over and place cheese, a dash of garlic powder, and pickles on the toasted side.  Place the other half of bread on top and grill both sides, pressing down on them with a spatula (add more butter in the pan, if needed). Slider is done once cheese is melted and both sides of bread are golden brown.

For a little extra flavor you can serve a little brown mustard on the side.



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