Easter Popcorn Medley


easter popcorn mix

Oliver’s a huge popcorn fan. It all started when we to took him to see his first movie, Frozen, in the theater a few months ago. It was before his little brother Henry was born and one of our last days as a one child family. We went all out for it. We bought nachos, movie popcorn, candy, and a slurpee. Now popcorn is a weekly favorite around here, minus all of the movie butter topping goodness. We typically make it on Friday’s, when we have family movie night. I’ve always loved adding something sweet to our bowl of popcorn, so this little combination of malted Robin Eggs is just too perfect.

Oliver couldn’t keep his hands out of it.

*Note to self – put less candy in it next time. Oliver’s a cherry picker.

easter popcorn 2


easter popcorn 3


easter popcorn 4


Easter Popcorn Medley Recipe

Pre-popped popcorn (store bought or fresh)

Malted Chocolate Easter Egg candy

Other Easter candy, like jelly beans or chocolate eggs

Mix one part candy (or less) to three parts popcorn. I used store bought, pre-popped popcorn for this medley, but when I’m making it from scratch I typically use olive oil or coconut oil to pop my kernels in.

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