Apricot & Banana Baby Food with Cinnamon

Apricot banana with cinnamon baby food

I’ve been having fun introducing new foods to my littlest this Summer. Bananas were one of the first foods I introduced to him, aside from rice cereal. This apricot and banana blend, with just a small pinch of cinnamon, was a hit. I made a medium batch using 2 ripe bananas and 2 ripe apricots in my food mill and then stirred in cinnamon. I froze the majority of this batch to begin my arsenal of homemade baby food at home, instead of relying on the store bought ready-packs. It saves on money and it is easy to make and store in the freezer.

I like to stir in a little baby cereal (rice or muligrain) for breakfast. If it is too thick, add water, formula, or breastmilk to thin it out.


apricot banana with cinnamon baby food 1

apricot banana with cinnamon baby food 2


Apricot & Banana Baby Food with Cinnamon Recipe

2 ripe, organic bananas

2 ripe, organic apricots, washed well

1 small pinch of cinnamon, ideally organic

Peel bananas and cut apricots into quarters, removing the pit. Using a food mill, fill it with bananas and begin to mill. Scoop milled bananas into a medium bowl. Do this until you run out of bananas, then do the same with the apricots. Add a pinch of cinnamon to the bowl and stir all the ingredients together. Portion out into individual size freezer containers. This is one of my favorite containers to use for the freezer.


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