Apple Stamped Table Runner


This Apple Stamped Table Runner is an easy activity you can have your kiddos do the day before, or on Thanksgiving Day. It makes for a fun table runner for a kids Thanksgiving table, or playful family dinner table.

apple-stamp-table-runner 1

This project requires three items: Half of an apple (you can eat the other half), butcher paper, and acrylic paint or finger paint, and paper plates to dunk apples with paint.

Measure the paper the length of the table, leaving about 6 to 8 inches of overhang on each end.

apple-stamp-table-runner 2

Squeeze about a quarter size amount of red paint onto a paper plate and dunk apple slice in it, swirling it in the paint to make sure it is well coated. Skim excess paint off of the apple along the rim of the plate. Press down firmly on the paper and keep stamping the paper until paint runs out (this gives each apple a unique look on the paper).

apple stamp table runner 1

Just dunk and stamp. To make leaves, cut off a slice of apple and dunk it in green paint and stamp.

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