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  A while back I was invited to a pre-opening party for Whole Foods. We were treated to food and awesome swag. Some food demonstrations took place and zushi, was one of them. I fell in love with the idea and couldn’t wait to make them at home with Oliver. These come together easy and […]

Grilled Cheese Sliders

grilled cheese sliders

It’s starting to get a chill outside that is undeniably Fall, bordering Winter. I can’t help going straight to comfort food this time of year. And now that my picky-eating-toddler is now trying new things, willingly(!!) I’m having more fun being more creative with what I put on the table. Like these warm cheesy grilled […]

Spooky Spaghetti

spooky spaghetti

Watching my toddler get excited for holidays as each year passes makes getting ready for them even more enjoyable. It gives me the excuse to be a kid again and play with my food. I’ve seen dyed pasta before, some made into rainbow pasta, I’ve even seen it dyed black, for an even spookier spaghetti. […]

Spooky Ghost Pizza

spooky ghost pizza 3

I can’t believe Halloween is almost two weeks away!  There is so much to do here at the house to get this place into full spectacular Halloween mode.  Stay tuned for more DIY decorations and crafts for the kids. Tonight I am taking a basic pizza recipe and adding a twist…I’m making a Spoooooky Ghost […]

Healthy Chocolate Milkshake

healthy chocolate milkshake

My almost-three-year old is chocolate-obsessed. The moment he had a bite of a brownie, it was game over. With the Summer heat blazing on us, I can be easily persuaded to get an ice cream cone (chocolate for Oliver, of course). But to save my husband and I from a growing waistline, and more importantly, […]

Strawberry-Banana Bread

strawberry banana bread 3

We always have too many bananas at our house. Especially when Oliver gets on a banana kick, then we make sure to have even more of them on hand. Sometimes they’ll get eaten before they turn brown and sad looking, and sometimes I just have to make delicious banana bread with the ones that don’t […]

Sneaky Marinara Sauce (FULL of vegetables)

sneaky veggie marinara sauce3

My toddler is a picky eater – and I’m sure I am not alone here. I never thought a kid of mine would be a picky eater, but finding something that he will actually eat can be daunting at times. For the most part, I have to hide vegetables in his day-to-day food. Hands down […]

Rainbow Fruit Salad

rainbow fruit salad

This is a healthy and colorful way get your kids to eat their fruits and vegetables. I’ll have to put a similar dish together with veggies. It makes for such a pretty display at parties. Play around with different fruit combinations to make your favorite fruit rainbow salad combination. Rainbow Fruit Salad – Pick one […]

Spinach Quinoa Patties

spinach quinoa patties 1

  These have been a family favorite for a few years now. Our toddler loved these up until his 2nd birthday. But I am bound and determined to get him to like these little patties again. They’re so good and made with protein packed quinoa, spinach, eggs and feta. Mark and I enjoy a little […]

Mini Turkey-Apple Meatballs

turkey apple meatballs

  When things are mini, kids seem to like them more. Or at least that’s the story with my toddler. These mini turkey-apple meatballs are delicious and full of flavor. I like them topped on a big pile of whole-wheat spaghetti or spaghetti squash. Also great stuffed into a meatball sandwich. Mini Turkey-Apple Meatballs Recipe […]