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Recipes for baby with vegetables

Kale & Sweet Potato Mash

kale and sweet potato

This is something I would make for Oliver when he was a baby. Now it’s one of Henry’s favorite things to eat. It’s nothing fancy, just sweet potatoes cooked with kale and blended together with a little sauteed garlic (garlic can be omitted). I like to leave it a little chunky for Henry since he’s […]

Favorite Trick to Keeping a Variety of Babyfood on Hand

freezing baby food

I absolutely love making homemade food for my newest little guy. But I’ll admit, I rely on packaged food from time to time, especially when I’m not prepared to make it from scratch. But lately I’ve adapted a handy trick for always being prepared when meal-time comes around. I’ve found it to be completely helpful […]

5 Favorite Snacks for Toddlers

MYHO 5 favorite toddler snacks

I’m always racking my brain for new and healthy snacks to give to my son. It’s easy to fall into the same food everyday category. Here’s a list of five of my favorite snacks that I like to alternate. Most of it, besides the yogurt, is finger food.     1.  Applesauce and whole-wheat crackers, […]

Blueberry, Pear & Sweet Potato Purée

blueberry, pear, and sweet potato puree

I try my best to make most of Oliver’s food, but I’m definitely by no means a  supermom. Let’s be real, sometimes I need a little help. When I’m in a time crunch, especially in the case when we’re on the go, I grab for a pre-packaged baby food. Oliver loves Plum’s baby food pouch, […]

Beets & Blueberry Mash

beets and blueberries

Blueberries and beets cooked together then pureed comes out to a gorgeous deep magenta color. Not to mention it’s packed with some of the best nutrients for your baby. I like to mix this with Oliver’s oat cereal in the morning. It has the perfect amount of sweetness.   Beets & Blueberry Mash 2 medium […]

Kale & Rice Purée

kale puree

I love cooked kale with rice so I knew it would taste great as a puree for Oliver. For babies 6 months and up. Kale & Rice Puree – Leftovers can be frozen. 4 large organic kale leaves, rinsed well with large stems and ribs removed Organic rice cereal for baby, I love Earth’s Best […]

Easy Carrot Mash

carrot baby food

For babies 6 months and up. Carrot Mash – Leftovers can be frozen 1 small bushel of fresh organic carrots water Wash carrots well and remove stems. Chop carrots up and place into a small sauce pan filled with enough water to cover the tops of carrots. Bring to a low boil and cook carrots […]

Peas & Rice Mash

Peas and rice cereal

Green Peas Mash 2 cups organic green peas, fresh or frozen. Organic rice cereal for baby Water Place green peas into a small pot filled halfway with water and let them cook for 8-10 minutes. Drain peas and place into a food processor with  with  1/4 cup of water and blend until smooth. Let cool. […]

Spinach, Sweet Potato & Apple Puree

Spinach, apple and sweet potato mash

Spinach, Sweet Potato & Apple Puree 2 small organic sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into cubes 2 cups fresh organic spinach leaves, rinsed well 1 cup organic apple juice water

Carrots & Kale Mash

Carrots & Kale Mash – leftovers can be frozen 2 medium organic carrots, washed and rinsed 2 large organic kale leave, rinsed well water or organic apple juice Directions Chop kale and carrots up roughly and place into a medium pot filled with water/and or apple juice (or equal parts) just enough to cover vegetables. […]