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Toddler Carrot Muffins, or “Baby Cakes”

toddler carrot muffin

Our 19 month old is in the midst of yet another teething episode. I’d like to blame his newly (okay, not that new) picky palette on it. I had my best friend over for the weekend and she was snacking on one of those packaged top-only muffins. Ollie wanted some so she gave him a […]

Mini Buckwheat Blueberry Pancakes

mini blueberry buckwheat pancakes

As my little baby has grown into a full blown toddler I’ve been battling with a newly picky palette. For someone who loves food and cooking, I never thought it would be hard to find new ways of cooking nutritious meals for my son. I never thought I would have to sneak in healthy fruits […]

Tomato Soup Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

When my sister was little she LOVED tomato soup. I used to hate it, but now as an adult I have grown to love it. Especially with grilled cheese sandwiches. One of Oliver’s favorites lunches is a grilled cheese sandwich. I always try to add a veggie to his grilled cheeses, whether it’s spinach, kale […]

5 Favorite Snacks for Toddlers

MYHO 5 favorite toddler snacks

I’m always racking my brain for new and healthy snacks to give to my son. It’s easy to fall into the same food everyday category. Here’s a list of five of my favorite snacks that I like to alternate. Most of it, besides the yogurt, is finger food.     1.  Applesauce and whole-wheat crackers, […]

Baby Banana Bread (no sugar, no eggs!)

baby banana bread

  I was in the baking mood when I came up with this little banana bread. I searched through my baby cookbooks and online for an eggless and sugarless banana bread, but found nothing. Many had no eggs in it, but it was the extra sugar that seemed to be in every recipe. I found […]

Banana & Cinnamon Oats


Homemade Oat Cereal


  You can easily make your own baby cereal by pulsing old fashioned rolled oats into a food processor until it is a finer grain, then cook them as you would normally do for your baby (with water, formula, breastmilk, or juice).