5 Favorite Snacks for Toddlers

I’m always racking my brain for new and healthy snacks to give to my son. It’s easy to fall into the same food everyday category. Here’s a list of five of my favorite snacks that I like to alternate. Most of it, besides the yogurt, is finger food.



1.  Applesauce and whole-wheat crackers, or whole-wheat cereal

2.  Steamed carrots and apple chunks

3.  Banana, or another fresh fruit with homemade graham crackers

4.  Plain yogurt mixed with a fresh berry puree, sans sugar. My favorite puree is banana and strawberries. It makes the best   yogurt flavor, in my opinion. You can make a large batch of the puree and freeze remainder in small containers.

5.  Whole-wheat grilled cheese sandwich with spinach. This is a great lunch, too, but sometimes a quarter portion makes a great snack!


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