Chocolate Covered Matzos

choc matzos2

  This is an easy snack you can make with your kids for Passover, or any time. Oliver goes to a Jewish preschool so it’s been fun learning about their holidays. He came home with chocolate covered matzos the other day that his class had made and I loved the idea. He loved the chocolate. [...]

Easter Popcorn Medley

easter popcorn mix

  Oliver’s a huge popcorn fan. It all started when we to took him to see his first movie, Frozen, in the theater a few months ago. It was before his little brother Henry was born and one of our last days as a one child family. We went all out for it. We bought [...]

Chocolate Sunflower Seed Oatmeal Cookies

chocolate sunflower seed oatmeal cookies3

  I recently stumbled on chocolate covered sunflower seeds and now I’m obsessed. They are so so good. So good I thought they would be good in a cookie. I also love that they are colored with all-natural food dyes – total bonus and oh so pretty!!     Chocolate Sunflower Seed Oatmeal Cookies Recipe [...]

Mini Turkey-Apple Meatballs

turkey apple meatballs

  When things are mini, kids seem to like them more. Or at least that’s the story with my toddler. These mini turkey-apple meatballs are delicious and full of flavor. I like them topped on a big pile of whole-wheat spaghetti or spaghetti squash. Also great stuffed into a meatball sandwich. Mini Turkey-Apple Meatballs Recipe [...]

No-Bake Energy Bites

energy bites

I’m always on the hunt to find healthy snacks for my toddler. Something that’s not pre-packaged, not full of bad ingredients and also something that doesn’t take forever to make. These little energy bites are the perfect solution. Just stir all the ingredients together and roll into mini balls. And the best part, there’s no [...]

Homemade Strawberry Milk (with no refined sugar)

homemade strawberry milk

I decided to make a little homemade spin on a childhood favorite growing up. We all remember drinking strawberry milk as a kid, right? I’m pretty sure that yummy goodness was full of processed sugars and artificial coloring and flavoring. This version is sweetened with honey and made fresh with ripe strawberries. It’s a game [...]